Castle: An Evening with Castle - Andrew Marlowe & Stana Katic, 04.11.12

Жизнь это своего рода игра. Задумана так себе, зато графика просто обалденная. (с) В.Панов

“Nathan is really funny, like, naturally, so a majority of what you see up on the screen is who he is in the room anyway. So that ends up creating a real nice sense of play as actors, like it’s easy to bounce off of him. He’s a real dear colleague and almost all of my scenes are with him […] so really lucky to be able to bounce back and forth with someone like him, with a talent like him.”
— Stana on working with Nathan

"I am crazy fortunate to have Andrew as the executive producer and creative entity on Castle. There are a couple of things that are amazing about working with a guy like this. First of all, the communication and the collaboration, and the clarity that this man has. I’m really a fortunate actress because I don’t know that a lot of people get that kind of producer to work with on a television show, especially on this kind of piece where you’re working many, many hours. He’s always open to dialogue, and he’s always got a reason for everything that he’s doing, and he’s always protective of the characters and of the story and of the show, and it’s truly wonderful to work with someone who’s just crazy intelligent and really just like a genuinely lovely guy."
- Stana

“Sometimes I’m just hungry, okay? We’re doing the scene over lunch and I haven’t eaten lunch so… “I’m just gonna eat in this scene okay?”. And Rob’s like “no, don’t eat in this scene” and I’m like “Rob it’s real, it’s natural”. And then Andrew came to me one day and said “Can you just stop eating in the scenes?” And I said, “you know what, Brad Pitt eats in every movie, in every one for the last ten years, it’s real acting!”
“In the Hampton’s episode Beckett seems to eat in every scene…”

"We have Castle dinner parties every week, and we have developed a very scholarly drinking game."

"I’d like to explore more of her relationship at home with her father and maybe some of the ‘before becoming a detective’ world. I think that would be fun to unveil some of that. I really would like her to ride a motorcycle. And just, you know, it’s always a pleasure, it’s wonderful to be able to work on the Beckett and Castle scenes. They’re really fun! And this year is genuinely a great time to be working on that. But I also really enjoy these Tamala scenes I get, and the Esposito scenes, and kind of deepening all of those relationships."
Stana on ‘What’s an aspect of Beckett you’d like to explore more?

"We’ll see the pressures of that and what each of their personal traditions are and how those might clash — and complement each other."
Andrew Marlowe about Castle and Beckett’s first Christmas as a couple.

2012-11-07 в 23:36 

See, when you’re gone, I’ll still be Bloody Mary (с) ///Do not let the bitterness steal youre sweetnees.
ыыы, надо срочно смотреть!

2012-11-08 в 09:35 

Жизнь это своего рода игра. Задумана так себе, зато графика просто обалденная. (с) В.Панов
Ага, надо)))

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